Our Story

Our Founder, Abigail Wilmore started her career on the shopfloor with no university degree and lived for the weekends.  After finding HR a few years in, she knew she had found her calling and her drive, ambition and love of self-development truly began.

25 years later she has carved her own path, constantly seeking more human-centred ways to shape workplace culture. She has worked for the most renowned luxury fashion and beauty brands in the world including Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Estee Lauder and Dr Barbara Sturm and is now Chief People Officer at Tom Ford Fashion.

Abigail believes in leading with love and empathy in the workplace to create purposeful, flourishing communities.

She is a triple accredited Executive Coach and has an MSc in HR Management, and has travelled the world for speaking engagements and client assignments. Above all, she is passionate about unlocking potential, breaking outdated systems, rebuilding for inclusion and most of all pioneering positive change and return on investment for her clients. 

Our Approach

The way we work with clients and within the People Flow Community is defined by these guiding principles, which underpin everything we do. 

Game Changers

The benefits of working with People Flow: how we help your people and organisation thrive.