What is the PF Community?

I wanted to create a community for People Professionals, from all career stages, who think differently and want to break outdated systems in the workplace to create positive change for people, organisations and the wider community.

It takes a lot of energy, bravery and courage to advocate for change and this community will build you up, champion you and give you unprecedented access to luxury industry experts. I wish I could’ve joined PF during my HR career!


Love Abigail x
What is the PF Community?

Mentoring from top CPO’s

Supercharge your career
Come and gain access to some of the most outstanding Chief People Officers in the world by joining our monthly mentoring sessions. Every session is run by a personally selected luxury brand CPO who will impart wisdom and insights on their own journey and how they got to the top. Who knows – as they build their teams the Community could be the first place they look for the very best talent!

Members Only

Invigorate your HR practice
Come and gain access to leading edge, pioneering, tried and tested tools and resources to make you brilliant at your job. Whether its hacks to get your people strategy on track, or you need a quick boost to squash your imposter syndrome with one of our training videos. Our members area has everything you need to help you transform your workplace into a flourishing community.

Personal Growth

Connect with your inner People Warrior
Come and gain all the skills needed to feel confident, brave and emboldened to break down outdated systems. Build up your resilience with our community so you can radiate magic, love and influence through strategic HR in your workplace.

Events & Networking

Exclusive events to inspire and support you
We hold IRL members events in exclusive, calm and beautiful spaces to help you up the career ladder. Whether its a Mentoring Mixer with amazing CPOs, panel events about the hottest current topics or sessions to build your people warrior skills we know you’ll love them and at the core they are always built on wellness in HR.

Advice & Support from Wellness experts

Nurture your innermost peace
Hear each month from the best wellness gurus in healing, spirituality, mental health, neuroscience, body work and more. Utilise these sessions as check-ins and personal accountability for our collective health and wellbeing as a profession. Receive discounts on their services if you decide to work with them in your workplace. No sales techniques just access for our members.

Community Stories

Jay’s Story

Jay’s Story

“The overall trust Abigail has given and the freedom to bring my vision to life”

Abigail hired me into my first HR role, and we have been working together ever since. She has offered opportunities to expand my skills and take on new experiences which stretched me beyond what I even thought was possible. She has always acted as a coach and mentor, championing me to find my own innovative solutions to move the work I am doing for the organization forward.

The overall trust Abigail has given and the freedom to bring my vision to life with unwavering support – and always the expectation to deliver quality outcomes which add value beyond process – are some of her best attributes.

With her support, and general confidence in me, I have delivered some complex global projects, moved across the world and started my own business.

Ivy’s Story

Ivy’s Story

“Abigail has supported my growth and development in so many forms”

I’ve known Abigail since she managed me during my time at Stella McCartney and she has supported my growth and development in so many forms. Normally when you have a manager, they are very good at steering you in the right direction from just an operational perspective. Although, what makes Abigail so unique, is she managed me with a coaching style and with care. That was so valuable and impactful for my career growth, because she recognised what my strengths were and worked with me to elevate them even more. Not only did Abigail support me from a human resources industry knowledge perspective, but she was a role model with behaviours that could be embodied.

I have so many fond memories of Abigail. Something that is very unique about Abigail’s style of coaching and leadership is that she really sees a human being and not just an employee. She took the time to see me for me. And Abigail is someone who would mention your name in rooms where there is opportunity. One particularly fond memory is when I was supporting Abigail with Leadership Away Days at a time where the business was going through a lot of change. Abigail gave me the opportunity to contribute to the agenda and key milestones for the Away Days, which also gave me learning opportunity, but visibility to the leaders in the business.

Abigail is also so much fun to work with. It’s easy to take for granted how important it is for People professionals to have fun in the line of work that we do because we impact people’s livelihood and give so much of ourselves to the populations we support. Therefore, it’s important that we can care for one another as colleagues, but also have fun at the same time!

A proud moment in my career, was being able to host a knowledge sharing event in New York with People professionals in a range of industries to decipher key actions they were taking at their companies to enhance employee retention. Following this, I was able to create a report and share back the learnings with Global Stella McCartney people team. Abigail sponsored this project and steered the concept to make it more impactful.